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FRIENDS: You Can't Make Old Friends... Unless Your Soul Recognizes Them!



There’s nothing like talking with a girlfriend you’ve had since childhood.

Like Louise. We met in second grade, and our fun revolved around Barbies, boys, and laughing a lot. No matter how many miles or months come between us, a phone call feels like we saw each other yesterday.

Same with Lara. Since eighth grade, we’ve been BFFs. We can talk about anything, and there’s no filter, only fun and a vibe of pure love and peace, just like with Louise.

Once I heard a saying, “You can’t make new OLD friends.”

But sometimes our souls know better.

Sometimes we meet people who seem so familiar, it feels like we already know each other.

Perhaps we did. In another life. And now our souls are reuniting.

I believe we have many “soul mates.”  

The term is usually used in a romantic context.  

But we have “soul families” — people with whom we share a spiritual connection.

When you encounter these individuals, you just know. I recently met a woman, and we knew right away that we are kindred spirits. It's hard to explain when you click with someone during a five-minute conversation. But the words and ideas just exploded out of both of us and it was so fun!

Subsequent text messages sparkled with intelligence and creativity.

How exciting to meet a down-to-earth, like-minded person who speaks your language, who shares your spiritual devotion, who is rooted in the same values of family, education, and achievement.

I felt like I was making a new old friend.

And my soul told me I was right.

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