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Two Sisters Writing and Publishing Co-Founder Elizabeth Ann Atkins Teaches How Anyone Can Connect with Spiritual Power in Book Scheduled for Release on Easter Sunday 2019

DETROIT — When Elizabeth Ann Atkins was born just 12 days before the 1967 Detroit rebellion set the city aflame with deadly gunfire and racial conflict, her father baptized her in the hospital room and asked God to make her a “Princess of Peace.”

Former Roman Catholic Priest Thomas Lee Atkins knew that his daughter embodied the racial harmony and colorblind love symbolized by his new, interracial marriage to a black woman who was 25 years younger than himself.

She — the future Chief Judge Marylin E. Atkins — had followed her heart into a scandalous marriage that triggered a Bishop to condemn them to hell, because priests were not supposed to break their vows to Mother Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Atkins cultivated a loving home for Elizabeth and sister Catherine, but Elizabeth never knew her father’s baptismal prayer until she read his journals, well after his death.

“I was already living the answer to his prayer, by writing articles and books about racial unity,” says Elizabeth, author of 20+ books and co-founder of Two Sisters Writing and Publishing.  “Then during my spiritual awakening, Jesus appeared in my meditation, and told me to serve as a Princess of Peace by teaching people how to discover the spiritual power within themselves, to heal, prosper, love, find peace, and be a positive influence in the world.”

God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life by Elizabeth Ann Atkins chronicles Elizabeth’s life story and fantastical spiritual discoveries, and includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to create a spirit-centered life. 

The book will be released on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, in hardcover, paperback, and ebook by Two Sisters Writing & Publishing, and will be available wherever books are sold online.

Elizabeth will be teaching these lessons online and at in-person events, using two workbooks that she created to accompany the book:  PowerJournal for Spiritual Awakening, which is for anyone who’s “spiritual, but not religious,” and wants to learn how to connect with Divine energies to live a better life; and PowerJournal to Know God’s Will for Your Life, which helps people in religious communities discover their life purpose and how to achieve it.

“I’m sharing my story to serve as an example that anyone can access and use this immense spiritual power that’s already inside us,” says Elizabeth, who has a bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from The Journalism School at Columbia University. 

“Just like when you charge your cell phone and enter a wi-fi password, you get the strongest connection to an invisible network that connects you with people and information everywhere,” she says, “you can do things every day that raise the energy frequency of your mind, body, and spirit – so you can access the heavenly realm and have two-way communications with God, angels, your loved ones who have passed on, and other supernatural beings such as Jesus, Mother Mary, and Yogananda.”

Elizabeth also shares how a simple meditation technique can heal physical pain and illness. 

“My lessons are like Spirituality 101, because when I first wanted to learn about these things, I encountered some teachings that I couldn’t understand.  So I’m making it super simple to understand and use these techniques and apply the power to live better.”

Dr. Rama S. Dwivedi, founder of The International Society for Spiritual Advancement, wrote the book’s Foreword.  A Hindu leader from India, he first taught Elizabeth to meditate and remains a beloved teacher.  Elizabeth also celebrates influential teacher Lori Lipten, founder of Sacred Balance Academy & Healing Center in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

“My parents are my greatest teachers,” says Elizabeth.  “You can read their amazing love story in my mother’s memoir, The Triumph of Rosemary: A Memoir by Judge Marylin E. Atkins, the longest-serving Chief Judge in the history of Detroit’s 36th District Court.”

Her book was published by Two Sisters Writing & Publishing, the company that Elizabeth co-founded with her sister, Catherine M. Greenspan, author of The Veronica Series of young adult novels about a biracial girl. 

God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life by Elizabeth Ann Atkins is available for pre-order at

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