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As Catherine and I prepared for our second Atlas Collective Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, I had anxiety.

Last time, we stayed in a hotel.

This time, we were staying in a big airbnb house with other retreat participants, and we would all be sharing a kitchen.

How will I make my green drinks amidst all the other people preparing breakfast? Will there be space in the fridge for my kale, spinach, and other ingredients?

Will everyone think I’m weird?

Another pang of anxiety struck as I considered my coffee ritual. At night, I grind beans, boil water, and combine them in a French press, let it sit overnight for maximum strength, then heat up a cup in a pan on the stove in the morning.

Going without my high-octane coffee – with a second cup in the afternoon – on a trip in a three-hour time zone difference would throw my system off kilter and possibly jeopardize my ability to concentrate on the intensive program.

But will everyone think I’m weird?

I shrugged and decided to ROCK MY WEIRDNESS because that’s what works for me!

So I packed my French press – and a brand new travel blender.

And guess what!?

Many of our housemates wanted a taste of my green drink!

I was so excited explaining in the ingredients and how I don’t use fruit because it adds extra sugar and calories. It’s all green!

People asked if I would make a green drink for them, too!

Each day, more people wanted a drink. On the final morning, I served them in wine glasses!

Meanwhile, one woman texted the ingredients to all her friends and family on the other side of the country. After the retreat, another woman texted that she missed them!

Another cool thing happened: when I shared that my son’s friend had called my drink “swamp water,” one woman renamed them “Green Goddess Drinks.”

And when I mentioned that Catherine playfully calls my coffee “sludge,” this woman renamed it Kachina Woman Blend, after the Vortex we had hiked the day before.

So… the thing that I was fearing would make me weird turned out to be a fun and healthy treat and unique way to share with the awesome women I met and got to know better on the retreat.

The lesson here is:

Embrace your weirdness, and enjoy when others think it’s cool!

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