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Here's Why I Am Celebrating My Big, Beautiful Ass

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By Elizabeth

Big, round butt.

Ample hips and thighs.

Small shoulders and chest.

Classic “pear shape.”

“You look like your upper body and your lower body don’t belong together,” someone teased years ago, when I was wearing blue jeans that cinched my small waist and accentuated the outward bubble shape of my butt.

As a result, I used to be really ashamed of my body.

Back when I was growing up, stick-thin women like Farrah Fawcett on Charlie’s Angels set the standard for how a woman should look.

So when I was 11 years old, I started starving myself to lose 20, 30, 40 pounds. The goal was to get “skinny,” and I succeeded many times.  

But then I was so hungry, and all that deprivation inspired by feeling not good enough triggered a monstrous appetite that resulted in binges that packed on more weight than I had lost.

Thus the nightmare of “yo-yo” dieting tormented me into my 30s. When my butt was at its biggest, I tried to cover it up with baggy clothes, jackets, and shirts tied around my waist.  

“That white girl got a big ass,” some men commented when I was jogging on the RiverWalk one day, as if commenting on my behind was public sport.  

“Your butt is obscene when you wear jeans,” a man told me. I didn’t wear jeans for a long time.

My black girl butt has inspired all kinds of chatter from friends and strangers alike. I’m multiracial and my complexion leads folks to believe I’m white, so my black woman’s shape draws perplexed stares and statements.

As a result, I have tons of hilarious stories that Catherine suggested that I share in a book I’m writing called My Big, Beautiful Ass.

Meanwhile, as I yo-yo dieted and had all these bizarre experiences around my derrière, society started celebrating big booties. J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, and others came on the scene, and suddenly being bootylicious became vogue.

It took me quite a while to step into my power and pride of having a naturally big, round butt.  Even when women were PAYING to have butt implants to achieve what God blessed me with.

Fast-forward to now.  I’ve been strength training since 2003, and that includes squats that tone and strengthen the glutes.

Today I am very proud of my super healthy, fitness-oriented, deeply spiritual lifestyle.  My mind, body, and spirit are strong; wellness is a multi-dimensional lifestyle.

I invest about two hours every day to make kale smoothies, meditate, journal, exercise, do yoga, and eat healthy food.  The remaining 22 hours are immeasurably enriched, and very importantly, this lifestyle optimizes how my body functions, feels, and looks.

As a result, I am proud of my body, and no longer ashamed to show off my big, beautiful ass.  

Recently, I slipped into a slinky dress, and was delighted when my boyfriend exclaimed, “Dayyyy-yummmm!” when I twirled around to model the gown, which I wore with confidence to a lovely gala.

I’m not perfect at all.  But I love myself just as I am. And I’m sharing this message today to inspire YOU to accept and love yourself just as Mother Nature made you!

© 2019 Elizabeth Ann Atkins