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Intermittent Fasting Triggers Mental Clarity, Energy Bursts, Weight Loss, And More

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by Elizabeth

A few months ago, I felt really bloated and puffy. It was January, when the winter blahs usually strike.

Then I went dress shopping for a party.

I didn’t want to see my belly bulging under sequins or velvet or satin.

So that day, I had my usual morning kale smoothie and coffee, then another smoothie, and no dinner. It was easy not to eat because I was shopping into the evening.

The next morning, I felt so great, I continued my green drink and coffee regimen, eating only a small, mid-day meal: salmon, organic kale, and a sweet potato. I had another green drink — my Green Goddess Smoothie — for dinner, then nothing else.

My puffy face and bloated belly deflated.

I felt lighter. Happier.

All day, especially while writing and working out, I had tons of energy and supersonic mental clarity and creativity.

I had been hearing about “intermittent fasting,” but the word fasting to me always meant hunger, brain fog, and zombie-level energy.

Can’t risk that when I need to write and function with gusto every day.

Then I learned that fasting can mean liquids, such as my all-vegetable smoothies.

I felt so great, I continued on this regimen, almost on autopilot.

At first I ate only one small meal a day with my veggie drinks.

Then it evolved into two small meals a day.

And something miraculous happened.


Easily putting the fork down when my inner voice says “stop eating.”

And having no desire to keep eating.

As someone who has battled food and fat demons throughout my life – losing 100 pounds and embarking on a super healthy lifestyle centered on fitness and spirituality – this was still a problem back in January. Especially if I were stressed.

But amazingly, it’s like I flipped a switch inside myself and turned off the desire to eat more after a meal.

This had especially been a problem with wanting to snack while working in the evening. The craving is either to entertain my taste buds or to indulge a belief that I need an energy boost from, say, some fruit and nuts.

Now? Those cravings, and the thoughts that precede them are —


This is a HUGE change for me.

And I am awed with gratitude that it happened so organically.

Last night it struck me, while I was working intensely to complete a book with Catherine. I went in the kitchen for a glass of water, and realized, “Dinner ended hours ago, and I’ve had no desire to eat since then!”

Even better?

I have lost about 15 pounds since the shopping day in January.

And it has felt almost effortless.

Throughout this new eating regimen – which is all organic and enhanced by my favorite health-boosting cayenne, turmeric, fresh ground black pepper, cumin, EVOO, and coconut oil – I’ve continued my usual daily routine of The Five Tibetans yoga in the morning, chakra clearing and prayers, meditation, then hitting the gym for cardio and/or weight lifting later in the day.

Then another amazing thing happened: I was hurrying to get ready for a big business meeting the other day, and easily slipped into a black dress that had been too tight in January. That is the BEST feeling!

Success inspires dedication.

Today for example, I had my kale smoothie and coffee at 8:30 a.m., then worked for several hours, did yoga, chakras, and meditation, and ate lunch at 1 p.m.

The key is here is to not be hungry. The avocado in my Green Goddess Smoothies is a tremendous appetite suppressant.

I would not go four-and-a-half hours without eating if I were hungry or lacked energy.

Here’s my message for you today:

If you want to feel better, have tons of energy, get great mental clarity, sleep like a baby, see your skin get super-clear, lose weight, and release cravings and the distraction of extra eating, then try “intermittent fasting.”

Tailor a regimen that works for you.

And let me know how it goes… good luck!

© 2019 Elizabeth Ann Atkins