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NEW RELEASE: The Making Point by MSG Cedric King

Now available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook.

Now available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook.


Inspiring “How To” Book by Master Sergeant Cedric King Features Forewords by

Starbucks Chairman Emeritus Howard Schultz and Actor/Activist Gary Sinise

ATLANTA — Master Sergeant Cedric King was a tough Army Ranger, leading troops through bomb-rigged villages in Afghanistan. Winning gun battles with the Taliban.  Always having faith that he would return safely to his family.

Until July 25, 2012, when the husband and father of two stepped on a bomb.  It blasted off his legs, and almost killed him.  In his hospital bed, he glimpsed a double amputee running in the Olympics on TV.

“Doc,” he asked, “Can I run someday?”

“No time soon,” said the doctor.  

Cedric’s spirit said, Yes! I’m going to be running 10 miles within a year! This mantra manifest 21 months later; he ran the Boston Marathon on prosthetic legs.  Now the triathlete travels the world as a motivational speaker.  And he’s sharing his success secrets in a new book:

The Making Point:  How to Succeed When You’re at Your Breaking Point by US Army Master Sgt. Cedric King, with forewords by Starbucks Chairman Emeritus Howard Schultz and Actor Gary Sinise.  The January 21, 2019 release in hardcover, paperback, and ebook format will honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Published by Atkins & Greenspan Writing, it will be available on and wherever books are sold online.

“My message is that if I can do the impossible, by becoming a triathlete with no legs, then you can do anything,” says Cedric, who provides instructional exercises on how to transform a breaking point into a Making Point for success.  “I help people change their thinking and realize they can achieve anything with faith, family, and action toward goals.”

Cedric chronicles the incredible trajectory of his life, that began while growing up with his devoted single mother in a trailer home in North Carolina.  He joined the U.S. Army, rose through the ranks, and became a leader on missions in the Middle East.  Then the near-fatal injury that could have been his breaking point, became his Making Point. 

His optimism and charisma impressed President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Howard Schultz, Montel Williams, and many other visitors to Walter Reed Hospital, where Cedric lived for three years.  He was even featured in HBO’s Concert for Valor in which former First Lady Michelle Obama praised him as a hero before 100,000 people at the event in Washington, D.C.

Cedric credits his recovery to: his strong faith in God; his wife, Khieda and their daughters; his deeply loving extended family; and his unique way of perceiving burdens as blessings.  Now Cedric and his family live in a beautiful home built by the Gary Sinise Foundation, which builds “smart” homes for wounded warriors. 

The book features quotes and interviews from the many people who know and love Cedric, including:  Carolina Panthers Coach Ron Rivera; Montel Williams; Stephanie Carter, wife of former US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter; and many of Cedric’s military colleagues. 

“The Making Point is for anyone who needs a push to becoming their best,” says Cedric, who gives rousing speeches at corporations, conferences, colleges, and events.  “I wrote a book so that anyone who can’t attend one of my speeches can take these messages and apply them to get through any tough challenge.”

This book will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, follow Cedric’s amazing example that anything is possible.

Cedric King is available for media interviews, speaking engagements, and book signings.  For more information, please contact Birhanie Robinson at 614-378-2897 or


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