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One Simple Thing to Do If You Want to Stop Screaming at Your Money


by Catherine

I printed the “Let the Money Flow Money Canvas” and placed it in front of me like a placemat before the webinar started. I was ready to dive into the activity that would get the money flowing! My mechanical pencil and my big pink eraser were standing by, just waiting for the starting gun.

Then I realized that the worksheet is actually called “Let the Business Flow Money Canvas.” The webinar hadn’t even started and I was already ahead of myself.

The money canvas is a beautiful creation from Abundance and Wealth Coach, Leisa Peterson, and a tool she’s been suggesting we use for our business since we began working with her.

My hope was that I’d fill in all the boxes, including Long-Term Investments, Monthly Revenues & Expenses, Business Structure, and Tax Savings before the session ended and I’d be feeling very much on top of things with a completed snapshot of our business.

First, though, Leisa walked us through a guided, grounding meditation. That’s her superpower. She knows the importance of calming the hell down before diving into deep work with money.

Afterwards, she explained that we’d start with the yin, the soft and gentle mindset component of the business/money canvas, before switching over to the yang, the just-the-facts-and-action component. Before the meditation, I’d wanted to dive into that sheet of paper and fill it out like it was a timed, graded test.

Leisa walked us through the chakras, an essential component to her philosophies and money work, and for some reason I was drawn to a single word or a few for each of these.

  • Root - security

  • Sacral - worth

  • Solar plexus - power

  • Heart - I left this blank, then came back and wrote: receiving

  • Throat - action with money

  • Third eye - enoughness / alignment

  • Crown - connection to all

I am a complete chakra novice, and I try my best to soak up anything I can during a discussion. So my associations with words (above) are really basic.

Leisa then walked us quickly through a series of questions to help us see where or what happens to us when we think about money and whether we have old stories about money from childhood that are getting in our way as business people and adults.

She asked us to consider what the uncomfortable feeling is in our body—and mine is definitely a stomachache. I made a note: “headache when I’m in overwhelm.”

A few questions later, she had us consider, “What kind of impact does it have on me and others when this happens? How does it feel to be inside this?”

As I turned to my journal to write the answer, I had a sudden intense throbbing in my right temple. Headaches do not arise spontaneously like this for me. This was a stop sign. This was an indication that I was in a difficult spot and that there was something to ponder and learn.

I grabbed some Tylenol, and got back to the questions. Final question: What action am I willing to take right now?

Without any thought, I wrote: if I could give it away, I would. I wrote: PAY AS YOU GO.

I suppose what’s behind this is that we have a service-based business for which people contact us constantly, but they arrive with no preconceived notion of the pricing. Some of the wealthiest people who have contacted us for ghostwriting have balked at our prices, which are in synch with industry standards. Anyone can read our books or ask our previous clients what it was like to work with us and whether we exceeded their expectations for capturing their voice when writing their book.

But people still get sticker shock, not realizing that ghostwriting is crazy-intense work.

Even people who come to us for coaching to help them write their book. At the beginning of the year, we created packages for every timeframe and budget. People know they need us, they just don’t have a conception of what it might cost.

I wonder what would happen if we started sending our proposals with “You Name the Price” instead of a dollar amount.

Ugh… I just flashed back on the man who really wanted to hire us to write his father’s book, what he envisioned as a 100-page memoir with a budget of $2,500. (Actual price: $35,000.)

So, just how would a pay-as-you-go or pay-as-you-can system work? I don’t know exactly. But I think I need to meditate and spend more time on the yin/mindset stuff before I start replacing the prices on our website with a dancing smiley-face singing, “Tell Us What You Want to Pay Us.”

©2019 Catherine M. Greenspan

Catherine is on a 100-day journey with money as she participates in Leisa Peterson’s Mindful Millionaire course, in which Leisa helps people “create a life of abundance and financial freedom."