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REVIEWS: CLEAR! Living the Life You Didn't Dream Of


Below are a handful of five-star reviews from readers.


Dr. Williams gives us the nitty gritty and down right painful account of his unfortunate life changing event

June 10, 2018

Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase

This book is a gem! Dr. Williams gives us the nitty gritty and down right painful account of his unfortunate life changing event. I will not spoil the amazingly good read this book is, but I will say I was in awe of the first forward about Herman written by Dr. Richard Allen Williams. I was also deeply touched and humbled by the preface written about Dr. Herman Williams by his mother Gabrielle. This book inspired me to always be positive in the face of adversity. I sometimes forget to count my blessings everyday; however, this book gave me a personal "what if" scenario if my life were to ever take an unfortunate live changing turn. I ordered the hard cover copy of this book and I'm glad I did. I hope to get this signed sometime in the future by Dr. Williams if I'm lucky enough. I highly recommend this book to anyone as motivation, a pull yourself up & out of a situation book, or an inspirational read for all ages. Bravo Dr. Herman Williams....Bravo!

Mickey Trent

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this book

October 3, 2017

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this book, even tearful at times. It was so rewarding to read a book by someone that I had the pleasure of meeting after all the most difficult part was behind him. Most of all, I am proud to know someone who lives the life that Dr. Williams lives, always thinking of how he is impacting a person’s day – strangers, co-workers and friends alike. Most people would not want to put that in a book because it holds them accountable. In his case, it was the very description of what I have witnessed and who he is. Dr. Williams is a great example of perseverance and turning difficult life circumstances into the most positive outcome possible. After reading this book and learning his strategies for daily peace of mind and happiness, I was so impressed and eager to share it with friends and family.

Richard P. Galentino Jr.

Many miracles keep a doctor alive ... now he shares his personal story and prescriptions for Life

August 1, 2018

Format: Paperback

Wow! What a life journey Herman Williams, MD has been on! What if circumstances force a change in your dreams? Herman's book forced me to reflect on my own life dreams and how they have had to change based on circumstances out of my control. In this personal story ... Dr. Williams talks about how his dreams had to change after having been the beneficiary of textbook CPR by his medical colleagues during a pick-up basketball game. After that event ... everything changed for Herman except his Spirit and belief in God! Herman details the many medical challenges he has faced throughout his life and the miracles that kept him alive during numerous different cardiac events. No doubt ... these events have given Herman the unique gift of Empathy--an essential gift for any care giver. Another interesting thread in the book is the importance of mentors that at many times kept Herman alive ... physically and spiritually. Offering practical advice in his prescriptions for life, Herman offers several great nuggets ... like making a list of people who will help you unconditionally in a time of need. Clear is clearly written and moves quickly. I gave it to my wife when I finished and she enjoyed it as well.


The best times in your life can happen after you overcome challenges

August 25, 2018

Format: Paperback

Dr. Williams story was gripping from just a few pages in. The simple yet complicated events he fell into provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my own life story. I deeply appreciated learning about his challenge to find life after death. His story is also briefly chronicles the residual impact of race on professionals of color. I also enjoyed the framework that he offers for living the renewed life.

Tulip Mitchell

This book is a precious gift

September 25, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

Delightful AND profound. Everyone should read this book!

Dr. Williams cuts to the core of what is really important, while forcing us to appreciate the small things that make our lives worthwhile. I hope it will be translated into many, many languages.

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