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Runs with Chocolate: Day Minus 4


I have stopped eating sugar before, but I’ve always gone back down the path. The problem for me, like many, is that a big dose of sugar today generally means there will be a big dose tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…until a shift in my schedule or a trip breaks the cycle.

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I know if I arrive at the start of a Michigan winter where I am already wearing 17 layers to keep warm, hiding underneath bulky clothes would be a great way to lose touch with my weight and my body.

What if I arrive, as I did for the Series 7 exam prep in Atlanta in 2005, with the intention that while I’m there, I am only going to consume food that serves my brain.

After all, this business immersion is way more important than the Series 7 ever was.

This is something Elizabeth and I have created, and we need to keep it going and growing because it feeds our souls and brings us joy!

So, yeah, the stakes are pretty high.

I need my brain to be ON. Since I’m the one who lifts the fork to my mouth, I am the one to decide. Not my coach or my trainer.

Why not start now? Why not, indeed?

Something in my brain needs to create a demarcation to celebrate the start of things. As I’ve thought about this commitment to feeding my brain, the idea of arriving in Michigan and knowing that when my feet hit the (frozen) soil, only one course to follow because les jeux sont fait.

Alors, les jeux sont fait!

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