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by Sasha Maxwell

Would you want to know exactly when your lover is having sex with someone else?

I don’t necessarily want to know.

But I’m told. I’m not thinking about it at all and am immersed deeply in something else. When all of a sudden my inner voice will announce:

“Joe is %@#$ing” or “Don’t trust Rob.”

Sometimes a sharp tone will ring in my ear to get my attention before the sentence slides into my totally unrelated thoughts.

It’s bizarre, I know.

If you understand psychic abilities, deep intuition, and the knowing that comes from a spiritual awakening, then it’s not bizarre at all.

This has happened for years.

It has deepened my disbelief in monogamy.

It has bolstered my belief that no matter how wonderful a relationship may be on the surface, people always want more sex from other sources.

We want to have our cake and eat it, too.

Unfortunately, infidelity is a huge culprit for the 50% divorce rate and romantic break-ups.

All of the above inspired me to write an erotic trilogy called Husbands, Incorporated, about a business that provides fantasy marriages for women who have done the big white wedding and picket fence thing, only to become disillusioned and disappointed by divorce.  So now these savvy, pleasure-seekers are having it all on their terms, satisfaction guaranteed.

The boss ladies in Husbands, Inc. don’t have psychic powers.

But I do. And I have to tell you, this telepathic insider information is a blessing and a curse.

First, it confirms my suspicions, and THE MEN do too.

I’ve tested it many times with different people over the years.  By calling or texting or facetiming the individual at that moment.

FaceTime? No response.

Phone call? No response.

Text? Maybe, but very brief and then nothing more. Sometimes, a lame excuse explaining why they are indisposed.

Did I confront them? No, I just knew. I knew what was going on, and I knew the relationship wouldn’t last.

Despite my profound cynicism, I decided to hold out for sacred. A person who reveres and respects me as the Goddess that I am, and whom I revere and respect him as the King worthy of my time, attention, and love.

Thankfully I’ve reached a time and a space when these psychic alerts are no longer a problem. I do believe in true love when you find your perfect mate and as a result, the rest of the world fades to gray and your own reality becomes a Technicolor fantasy with a complete cast of two characters, with no additional auditions needed.

I’m grateful that my spiritual awakening has blessed me with these psychic powers. Because they allow you to “know” whether you’re offering your heart to Mr. Wrong or Mr. Right.


(c) 2019 Sasha Maxwell

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