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Let the Future Begin

WXYZ Detroitโ€™s Chuck Stokes recalls:

โ€œI remember it like yesterday.  Attorney Dennis W. Archer being sworn in as Detroit Mayor on January 3, 1994.  The slogan of his hard fought campaign against Attorney Sharon McPhail was โ€œLet the Future Begin.โ€  Archerโ€™s victory was the start of his eight years as the Motor Cityโ€™s top elected municipal official.  He took the political baton from retiring Mayor Coleman A. Young and ran with gusto!โ€

Listen to his conversation with Dennis Archer shortly after Archerโ€™s memoir was released.

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Former Detroit Mayor Dennis W. Archer to Release Memoir

DETROIT, Dec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Detroit is the comeback city of the millennium, and a new book by former DetroitMayor Dennis W. Archer recounts how his eight-year administration manifested its slogan to "Let the Future Begin" โ€” by laying the foundation for Detroit as it's celebrated today. Let the Future Begin documents former Mayor Archer's life story and his role in promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, as well as his role in restoring Detroit to its former glory. 

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