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“Everyday I Write the Book”


Recently I posted that I’m on the brink of publishing the first Veronica book. A friend from my San Francisco days wrote:

Can't wait. And you still write with Elvis Costello in the background?

My reply:

Yes, always.

In fact, the other day I was listening to “Everyday I Write the Book,” realizing that this song title is my motto. I am in a state of constant writing, of storytelling—even if only in my head. Every day. Every day. Every day I write the book.

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Free Event! Looking for a Coupe de Ville in the Bottom of my Cracker Jack Box


I try to keep my expectations low when I go to a free event. 

My hope was to walk away with a single nugget of information and feel two hours of my life had been well spent.

“What would you describe as the hardest time in your life?”


...this question instantly created and built tension in the narrative of a bio.

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