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Smoothie So Good


I am a smoothie person. My sister is a green drink person. This is one of the many examples why we think we’re twins separated at birth by a year and six days. Externally, we are like day and night—she’s tall and blonde; I’m short and brunette; she loves the hustle-bustle of the city and I love that my state ranks 45th in population density. Yet at our core, we are unmistakably identical.

I found an inspiring list of ingredients from Detox Diet Week. I must admit that as a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, when I see the word diet, I run the other way. A diet is unnatural for me; it’s a four-letter word that has led me down many restricted, all-or-nothing paths. However, this morning I followed the link.


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I just chugged my morning green drink, and I'm revved with supersonic energy!  This glass full of green goodness is like rocket fuel from Mother Nature — I'm turbocharged to write from breakfast to bedtime, or tape my TV show, go running, do yoga, and have fun with family and friends — all while feeling great.

So what’s in it?  Organic kale, jalapeño peppers, avocado, spinach and some kind of herb–today I used parsley and super flavorful basil.  Then I whirr it up in the blender ’til it’s smooth and creamy, and it tastes so good, I drink the whole glass all at once.

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