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Veronica's Coming Out; I Want the World to Know!


Fictional 14-year-old Veronica’s story began with a true moment in my life, a moment when a random boy in my fifth grade class accused: “Catherine, I heard your mom’s black.”

Why was this kid demanding an explanation about my racial make-up, as if it was his business? The fact is that our mother is black and our father was white. The randomness of genetics led to both Elizabeth and me having our father’s skin color. But as a 10-year-old girl, I was confused and uncomfortable about being singled out.

Veronica navigates the tricky terrain of friends, boys, school and family, including the many issues and dynamics that multiracial kids have to endure on top of trying to figure out themselves.

“Veronica, I Heard Your Mom’s Black” will be published very soon with the second and third books in The Infinite Veronica Series following shortly thereafter. 

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