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The PowerJournal Technique IS Your Gateway to Success

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Who am I?

What do I want?

What’s blocking me from being that and getting that?

What action do I need to take to make it happen?

These are simple but PROFOUND questions.

They are the framework for PowerJournal 28-Day Challenge. Right now I’m on Day 8 of guiding people through the process live on Facebook on the Two Sisters Writing & Publishing Page. We’re using the workbook that Catherine and I created based on a technique I created when pairing meditation with journaling. The fact-finding mission of meditation coupled with the empowerment of writing are a formidable combination that helps you make things happen!

And it all starts with the above questions.

But even though I’ve been asking myself these questions for years – and have gotten answers and taken action with glorious results – I’m continuously questioning myself on the above points.

These questions have helped me reinvent myself in mind, body, and spirit.

They helped me leave wrong relationships in the past.

They helped me change the way I think about food so that I finally have a healthy relationship with it.

They helped me deflate my body by losing 100 pounds 21 years ago and embarking on a fitness-loving lifestyle.

They helped me release anxiety and rise up out of depression.

They helped me β€œscript” my life by writing about what I want, and being amazed as those people, experiences, and opportunities materialized out of the blue.

Writing is magic!

Your pen is your magic wand to creating a Self and a Life that you love.

Join us on the 28-day PowerJournal Challenge and discover how the power of your pen can make magic happen in your life!

Learn more about the PowerJournal Movement at

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