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The Single Sexy Secret Nobody Tells You About Meditation (And it May Surprise You)

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by Elizabeth

If you think meditation sounds complicated…

Or you don’t have time to do it…

And you’ve tried, but just didn’t “get it” so you quit…

Well, have I got some motivation for you!

When I started meditating nine years ago, I noticed a very exciting side effect.

It was absolutely spine-tingling… euphoric… and hedonistic.

Meditation makes you have bigger, better, longer orgasms!

I was so blown away by this revelation, I asked my meditation teacher if this were true, and she said, “YES!”


Because meditation alters your mind and body into an extremely relaxed state, where all systems slow down. Breathing, heart rate, body functions go into super slo-mo.

When I am in deep meditation, I feel that my spirit has left my body and is up dancing in the ether of the spirit world, enjoying two-way communication with God, angels, ancestors, and other divine beings.

While this is happening, my body is freakishly still and slow. During that time, all tension, stress, and anxiety melt from my muscles, my organs, my mind.

It is absolutely divine.

Slipping into that extremely relaxed state in mind, body, and spirit, heightens sensuality. As a result, your entire body feels more alive once you come out of the meditation.

And you are now free to enjoy the highest heights of pleasure.

Not just a little bit.


So, if you’ve been thinking about learning how to meditate, and finding the discipline to do it every day, and make it an important part of your life for its many, many benefits – including reversing the aging process! – then I hope THIS reason will motivate you to get to it!

Because meditation will turn your pleasure centers on full blast, and you will love every ecstatic second of this mind-blowing benefit of adding this important spiritual practice to your day.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a romantic partner who will join you in meditation, then you’re in for a tantric treat! Tantric means weaving the emotional, physical, and spiritual into one amazing experience – so if you meditate as a warm-up for tantric lovemaking, then great ready for an epic experience!

Can somebody say, “Om” to that!?

© 2019 Elizabeth Ann Atkins