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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.

WEEKLY TALK WITH TWO SISTERS: You Finished Writing Your Book -- Now What?

We spend a lot of time talking with aspiring writers about the world of publishing.

Everyone wants to know which path to take.

Do I need an agent? How do I find an agent?

How does it work? Does the agent shop the book proposal to big publishers, hoping for an advance? How long does it take?

What if they want to buy the rights to my story? Is that worth it? What if they want me to change my book from nonfiction to fiction?

Where do you drawn the line before you’re making changes to please someone other than yourself, hoping they will take a chance on you?

Of course there’s always the vanity press which allows you to publish yourself and fill your basement, garage, and trunk with more copies of your book than you can sell at a church bazaar.

We chose to take the bull by the horns and found our own publishing company.

To date, we have published inspirational memoirs, steamy fiction novels, young adult novels, and the first in a trilogy of the Husbands, Incorporated erotica series.

We also published an anthology of short stories by the winners of our monthly online contests. Our second anthology will be out in early 2019 and it will contain the 2018 contest winners.

One thing we’ve realized in talking with authors about their publishing needs is that sometimes a full book is too long. Sometimes there’s just a single story on a single topic.

In order to get as many inspirational stories out in the world, we are going to be publishing more and more anthologies.

Click here to learn more details about our 2019 Inspirational Anthology Series and how you can submit an unpublished writing sample.

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