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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.


Some of the books we’ve published by diverse authors, including our mother.

Some of the books we’ve published by diverse authors, including our mother.

Writers of color, let’s face it. The odds of getting a literary agent and/or a book deal with a Big Five New York publisher are stacked against you. Your chances of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery, frankly, might come sooner.

We’re just being real.

The traditional publishing world has limited space for stories, and even less room, statistics show, for people of color whose stories don’t fit into traditional boxes.

That’s why we exist. Literally. We can talk all day long about not fitting into boxes. We’re white-looking, mixed-race women whose only “tell-tale” sign that we’re not Irish or Swedish is our coarse and curly hair. And Elizabeth’s booty.

We live in the gray area way outside those official boxes. We know others like us out there long to read the voices of characters like themselves.

So we created our own publishing company, Two Sisters Writing and Publishing, to write, ghost write, coach, mentor, and publish for writers who also defy the boundaries of race.

We’re here for you if you check more than one box.

And we’re not just talking about race.

How about gender? Class? Physical ability?

While the mainstream publishers call for diversity and occasionally publish a book outside of the status quo, the pipeline of books in the queue to be published are more of the same.

We don’t know how long it’s going to take for everybody else to catch up with us.

But we’re not waiting around.

What began as our personal missions--Catherine wrote three young adult novels inspired by her feelings of becoming an outcast as a white-looking, mixed-race adolescent; Elizabeth wrote three women’s fiction novels about mixed-race women struggling to find self-acceptance and purpose in their dual perspectives-- is now our professional quest.

Every day we seek to help others share against-the-odds stories in books to inspire people around the world.  

That’s why the doors of Two Sisters Writing and Publishing are open to welcome writers who don’t fit in the boxes of race, gender, ability, and religion.  Join us, so we can help you show your true colors.

Together we can celebrate that the gray area outside the boxes is actually a lush landscape spawning fascinating ideas, empowering messages, and literary elixirs that embrace and celebrate everyone, everywhere.


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