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Weekly Digest February 17, 2019


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Catherine & Elizabeth

Feb. 17, 2019


We have the honor and the pleasure of working with five amazing African American women executives who have come together to share their stories of shattering the glass and black ceilings in the US energy industry.

The book will be released on May 1, 2019 at the 42nd Annual National Conference of the American Association of Blacks in Energy® (AABE).

The Energy Within Us: An Illuminating Perspective from Five Trailblazers is available for pre-order here.



We're all writers — let’s make it fun and as well-crafted as possible!  

We want to help you do this, when you join the Two Sisters Writing Club. We provide the time and space during live, online group writing sessions. We also offer two weekly workshops to help you master the Mindset and Mechanics of writing anything — a text, an email, a blog post, a letter, a work project, even a book!

Let us help you feel confident and excited about your writing!

As a Club member, every week you get three, 60-minute writing sessions, plus two interactive Writing Workshops with Elizabeth & Catherine.   

• 3 Writing Sessions per week (60 minutes each)
Mondays at 7 p.m. * Wednesdays at 9 a.m. * Fridays at Noon (All times EST)

• 2 Writing Workshops per week (50 minutes each)
Tuesdays noon: Workshop on the Mindset of Writing
Thursdays noon: Work on the Mechanics of Writing 

• A Weekly Accountability Check-in with Two Sisters (this is a quick and easy questionnaire that we email to you to help you track your progress and partner with us to keep you on track to meet your writing goals).


Imagine — a terrorist plot to use the obesity epidemic as a weapon of mass destruction to kill Americans.  And they’re doing it by poisoning fast food. 

That’s the story in a new book — THE ENEMY WITHIN — that Elizabeth wrote with Detroit Medical Center Bariatric Surgeon Michael Wood, MD. 

We wrote a scary novel as a wake-up call for people and policymakers to take action to address this huge health crisis now.

You can pre-order order The Enemy Within here.

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