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Weekly Digest February 3, 2019

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Each week we’ll share how we’re helping writers, building a writing community, and featuring writers around the world.

In this edition, which coincides with our three-year anniversary, we are launching our Two Sisters Writing Club. These LIVE, online writing sessions enable writers to find the motivation, accountability, and structure to establish a writing practice.



Catherine & Elizabeth

Feb. 3, 2019


Below, Elizabeth works with author Al Allen, on his engaging book, We’re Standing By, about his illustrious career as a broadcast journalist. Although Al had written his memoir himself, we provided guidance and polish, and it became one of our best sellers. We love meeting writers where they are through our book coaching and mentoring services.


We’re excited to launch our super-supportive Writing Club. Many writers tell us they just can’t “find” the time to write, so we’ve created the time! The hour quickly passes and we have big fun as we write and feel the rush of extreme productivity and focus. Stick with us, and you can write your book, do some journaling, or just scribble to your heart’s desire!


We are thrilled to announce that Master Sergeant Cedric King’s new how-to memoir is available globally! We’ll be interviewing Cedric this Saturday on our Two Sisters Writing Facebook Live show at 10 a.m. EST. Synchronistically, Howard Schultz, who wrote Cedric’s First Foreword (Gary Sinise wrote the Second Foreword), released his own memoir, From the Ground Up, which features a number of stories about meeting and befriending Cedric. Now a motivational speaker and triathlete, Cedric shares guidance and exercises that will help transform the way you think and help you make your breaking point into your Making Point.

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