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Weekly Digest March 10, 2019

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Catherine & Elizabeth

March 10, 2019


Each week, we’re going to highlight the winners of our monthly short story contests, which we’ve been holding since October, 2016. We are honored to share these stories with the world.

The theme of our first short story contest was magical realism in honor of one of Catherine’s favorite authors, Gabriel García Márquez. and his amazing short story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”

We were grateful for the flood of fantastical stories. Choosing our first two winners was tough, though. We ultimately picked these two stories:

"El Duende" by Casandra Hernández Ríos 

“Abuelito? Do you believe in duendes?” Emilio said, afraid that his grandfather would snap at him for asking. Emilio raised his brows expectantly. His grandfather was eating the raspado with a plastic spoon.

“Sure,” he said, and took another spoonful of lemon-flavored ice.

You can read the whole story here.


“The Blind Oasis” by Anthony Johnson

The next morning, June discovered the itch quietly gnawing beneath her right ear, her favorite of the two. Thinking it nothing more than an errant bit of sand and seawater, she did her best to dislodge it with her finger. But this only seemed to increase the muffled buzz and, accordingly, increase her irritation.

You can read the whole story here.


We’re so happy to all the writers who submit stories each month. And we are honored to publish their stories our forthcoming second anthology. Learn more about it here.

All stories live on our website here. if you’d like to learn more about our short story contests, please visit our Submittable page here.


”It’s like study hall with your friends,” said Writing Club member,
Deanna Lyons.

“The Writing Club has transformed my life in so many ways. I am so grateful,” said devoted Writing Club member, Georgiana Kovell.

If you WANT TO WRITE, the Writing Club is here for you.

Sign up. Then open your planner and write “Writing Club” once, twice, or three times a week. With an appointment to write, you’re going to show up, aren’t you!? And it’s not free because having a fee makes you accountable.

• 3 Writing Sessions per week (60 minutes each)
Mondays at 7 p.m. * Wednesdays at 9 a.m. * Fridays at noon (All times EST)

• A Weekly Accountability Check-in with Two Sisters (this is a quick and easy questionnaire that we email to you to help you track your progress and partner with us to keep you on track to meet your writing goals).

Learn more about our Writing Club here.


Steve Carr has won three of our short story contests, including one in our first anthology and two in our upcoming anthology with his stories:

Steve has to be one of the most prolific writers we know. If you subscribe to his blog, be prepared to be showered with announcements of acceptance. It’s a refreshing stream of hope for writers seeking publication!

Steve is a great writer, and he’s a man with a strategy. So, just how does someone have over 260 short stories published in 2.5 years?

We’re thrilled to share Steve’s secret, which he lays out in his new book, Getting Your Short Stories Published: A Guidebook. On page 27, he tells writers straight up: “The simple methodology to getting published.”

If your goal is to get published, Steve’s book is a must-read. His list of published stories is proof that his strategy works.

Although Steve acknowledges us and quotes us in the book, he had no idea we’d be celebrating his success here in our Weekly Digest.

We’re so happy for you, Steve! We think your book is going to help a lot of writers out there!

Thank you for subscribing to our Weekly Digest to keep with Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.


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