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We support, celebrate, and teach writers.

Weekly Talk with Two Sisters November 14, 2018

Elizabeth and Catherine were live on Facebook discussing all the good things Two Sisters Writing and Publishing has in the works.

Here’s what (and when) we talked about this week:

1. Anthologies and Short Story Contests (start)

2. PowerJournal.Life workbook & PowerJournal.Life website (-36:12)

3. Mind-blowing concept: a published book starts as an idea (-26:16)

4. Your Book, Your Legacy (-21:10)

5. Book Clubs! (-17:30)

6. The Veronica Series (-13:05)

7. Catherine’s Royal Baby Name Wish (Hint: Veronica, I Heard Your Mom’s Black) (-12:00)

8. GoodReads Giveaways - coming soon! (-10:40)

9. Okemos High School - We ❤️ you, Rod Ellis, OHS class of ’65 (-7:04)

10. Books & Speaking Engagements (3:42)

11. A Tale of Two Sisters (our blog on (-1:17)

See you next week!