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What If You Could Have Two-way Communication With The Spirit World?


by Elizabeth Ann Atkins

What if you could speak to your loved ones who have passed on—and receive answers from them?

What would it be like to hold a one-on-one conversation with God?

Or Jesus?

Or your Guardian Angel?

Or someone in history whom you deeply admire?

It’s possible.

When you learn how to use our innate abilities to venture into the fifth dimension.

I do this all the time in meditation.

And now I’m on a mission to teach you how to do it, in my new book, God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life by Elizabeth Ann Atkins.

The book chronicles how I learned techniques that enable me to communicate with the spirit realm, and I provide easy-to-use instructions on how you can do this, too. And it will allow you to:

  • Enjoy the comfort of communicating with your departed loved ones;

  • Venture to the Akashic Records—the archive of everything that ever was, is, and will be—where you can learn about your past lives;

  • See your spirit, and how it’s a golden energy form that is pure God energy;

  • Speak directly with God and other enlightened beings to receive guidance about your daily life;

  • Receive emotional and physical healings with angels that relieve pain and other ailments; and

  • Experience an inner peace and physical calm that feel amazing and have tremendous mental and physical health benefits.

I’m so excited to teach you how to do this!

With the release of my book on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, I will be offering online and in-person events, and information will be posted here soon.

Please take a leap of faith with me!

I want you to also “know” that you have tremendous powers far beyond ordinary physical reality, and you will be amazed!

Please visit the God’s Answer Is Know website.

(c) 2019 Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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