Two Sisters Writing and Publishing



Both Elizabeth and Catherine currently have more than six books in various stages of publishing -- with publication dates throughout the year! Please indulge in the current selection and stay tuned for our future books!  

The eBook of Dark Secret is on sale for $1.99 at Click here to visit Elizabeth's author page. You'll see her books as well as her many collaborations with other authors, including Billy Dee Williams. 

Other People's Skin, an innovative and varied anthology of sisterhood and unity, contains four novellas that entertain, challenge, and healing. With authors Elizabeth Atkins and Desiree Cooper.

Beautiful, biracial Taylor James is a woman on a mission:  to peacefully fight racism whenever she can. White supremacists have a mission, too:  to destroy her!  Ride the thrill rollercoaster in White Chocolate!

White Chocolate
By Elizabeth Atkins Bowman

Karen Bradley has not seen her sister, Sharlene, in years. Now calling herself Camillle, and passing as a white woman, Sharlene has remade her life and her past. But her Dark Secret chases her like a dragon!

Dark Secret
By Elizabeth Ann Atkins

My Blue Suede Shoes, a powerful collection of novellas by four leading African-American women writers, each tackling the terror of domestic violence.  With authors Elizabeth Atkins and Desiree Cooper.

My Blue Suede Shoes: Four Novellas
By Tracy Price-Thompson, TaRessa Stovall

Simone Thompson is a young judge devoted to the welfare of children.  She's presiding over the most high-profile case of her career, even as her own life starts to spiral dangerously out of control in Twilight.

By Billy Dee Williams, Elizabeth Atkins Bowman