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All contest winners will be featured on our website & published in our anthology!

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  • Length: 1,000-1,200 words
  • Deadline: the last day of the month
  • Entry fee per contest: $8


November: Your Last Supper. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, write a short story about the dinner you would have the night before.  Describe the food in such detail that we are drooling and dreaming of having that now!  Tell us about the dialogue, the emotions, the celebration, the indulgence, the sights and sounds of this meal.  Are you alone?  Surrounded by 1,000 people?  In your kitchen, on a mountain, in a bubble bath?  Make it unique and decadent.  


November: Mermaid or Merman (Fantasy). Allow us to dive deep into a day of your life as a Mermaid, Merman, or Man in Love with a Mermaid.  These legendary creatures of the sea have mystical powers to enchant, inspire, and vex all at once.  Take us into your watery world of turquoise depths, black sand beaches, and passing ships.  Describe the delectable diet you enjoy of sea creatures and tropical fruit, the power struggles of land, sea, and King Neptune’s nautical dominion.  Tell us about the passionate trysts you enjoy, your longing for legs and life on land, or the absolute bliss of swimming amidst coral reefs and sun-splashed coves. 


December: Wedding Announcement for the Newspaper. Click here for an example of a great one. Here are some tips for what to include from


December: Erotica. Let us peek into a scene of erotic indulgence that is far more than a tangle of limbs, or a recitation of naughty words.  Create a fantasy of flesh and hearts and minds and souls, all fusing as one white-hot flow of love and/or lust.  Describe why these lovers are entangled in a breathless tryst that far surpasses any experience they’ve had with others.  How do they tease, tantalize, and titillate?  How do they dominate, desire, and dream with their eyes wide open?  Indulge us with a literary look into your boudoir, your private beach, your rooftop terrace, as you indulge our senses in erotic abandon. According to this article in Glamour, erotica is good -- no, great! -- for your mental health. Check out our guest blogger Sasha Maxwell's post about “ROMANCE A LA CARTE” for some ideas.


2018 Contests Open Now: 


Psychotherapy Session Short Story Contest January 2018

Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places Short Story Contest January 2018

A Dog's Life Short Story Contest February 2018

"I've Just Become A Cat" Short Story Contest February 2018

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Short Story Contest March 2018

"The Day Before the Vacation" Short Story Contest March 2018

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All contests will have one winner who earns a prize of $75. All winners will be featured on our website; and all winning stories will be included in the First Annual Two Sisters Writing and Publishing Anthology of Fresh Writers, which we aim to publish in December 2017.

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Official Contest Rules ALL CONTESTS

  • One winner per contest will earn $75 in prize money. 
  • Winner will be featured on our website and included in the First Annual Two Sisters Writing and Publishing Anthology of Fresh Writers, which we aim to publish in December 2017.
  • Target Length: 1,000 to 1,200 words. Stories under or over the target length will be disqualified.
  • Multiple entries by one author are permitted. 
  • Entry fees cover the prize purse and go toward the publication costs for the First Annual Two Sisters Writing and Publishing Anthology of Fresh Writers.
  • Please see individual contests for deadlines. 
  • Stories sent electronically or postmarked after the deadline will be disqualified.
  • Winner will be announced on the 21st of the month following the contest closing date.
  • We do not accept stories that have been published previously or that are scheduled for publication elsewhere.
  • All decisions made by the judges regarding the winners are final. Two Sisters will be the judges for this contest. 
  • No contest entry fees will be returned.
  • Winner will be required to sign a release and affidavit of eligibility.
  • By entering this contest, you are agreeing to all contest rules.
  • You must be over 18 to enter.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Contest rules are subject to change.
  • Further questions? Contact us!

And...if you've come this far and none of the contests appealed to you, we'd love to hear your ideas for themes, genres, topics, formats. We're open to your suggestions. Thanks so much! Catherine & Elizabeth

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