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Two Sisters Writing Club

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“Writing Club is like study hall with your friends,” said one passionate member.

We're all writers — so let’s make writing as fun and as intentional as possible!

When you join the Two Sisters Writing Club, you’re making a commitment to yourself and your writing. We provide the time and space during live, online group writing sessions. Sessions are held on Zoom with video off. You can show up and keep your audio off, too, if you want.

Writing Club looks like this:

  • We show up using a Zoom link that comes via email one hour before the session starts.

  • After greetings and bit of bit of inspiration…

  • We write for 20 minutes;

  • Questions posted in the chat throughout the hour are answered immediately, like: How do I deal with distractions? How do I focus?

  • We stop at 20 after for a quick check-in;

  • We write for another 20 minutes;

  • Another quick check-in at 40 after the hour;

  • Wrap up at 59 after the hour.

After every session, we’ll open up the call for your Q&A and provide support and guidance to help you feel confident and excited about your writing!

• 4 Writing Sessions per week (60 minutes each)
Mondays at 7 p.m. & 10 p.m. * Wednesdays at 9 a.m. * Fridays at Noon (All times EST)

• A Weekly Accountability Check-in with Two Sisters (this is a quick and easy questionnaire that we email to you to help you track your progress and partner with us to keep you on track to meet your writing goals).


Whether you’re working on a book, a blog post, writing a letter or email, or just using the time to journal, when you value your writing time, you feel amazing.

Writing Club sessions fly by because when you dedicate the time and space to your writing, you can immediately drop into the zone. You’ve set aside the time, minimized your distractions, and really all that’s left is you and your words.

It’s like magic!

Our check-ins at 20 and 40 after the hour come fast. We lose track of time, and can’t wait till the next session to show up and get back in flow.

No one is on video so writers can be writers — show up for yourself and your words! No judgement — only celebration that you showed up!