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Coaching and Mentoring: Auspcious

Coaching and Mentoring: Auspcious

600.00 every month for 1 year

Coaching & Mentoring: Ever So Auspicious

This package is for you if, in addition to deadlines and accountability, you want to finish your book as soon as possible and start promoting it now.

This is best for you if you’re like Amelia. Her book is a combination of a history of her small town and the varied trajectories she and her siblings have taken away from that town. As kids, they all vowed to leave as soon as they could, but they all returned and left again several times. She’s writing her nostalgic take on the repeal and attraction to “home” that Gen Xers feel in a way that makes her say, “It’s the best thing since ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ by Thomas Wolfe,” when describing it. She doesn't want her book (like Wolfe) published posthumously. She is ready for her masterpiece to be written—and she knows she cannot do it alone. By this time next year, she wants the book on shelves!

# Coaching Sessions: 18-24 | Cost: $600 per month