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Eight-Week Spiritual Transformation Program with Elizabeth Ann Atkins

Eight-Week Spiritual Transformation Program with Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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You want to embark on a spiritual journey.

You don’t know where to start.

Begin right here, right now, with Elizabeth as your guide into an extraordinary experience of discovery and empowerment. It happens during her one-on-one sessions and other teaching tools during 8 weeks of personalized learning and transformation as Elizabeth leads you through her life-changing program, ASCEND: 8 Steps to an Infinite You.

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Experience Spiritual Transformation as Elizabeth Guides You to Ascend: 8 Steps to an Infinite You

What if you could follow eight simple steps into a transformational journey that leads you into an extraordinary new mindset, physical wellness, and spiritual empowerment?

Ascend: 8 Steps to an Infinite You is your supernatural staircase into a life that’s far above and beyond your current circumstances.

These steps appeared, one by one, for Elizabeth Ann Atkins to follow into a spiritual awakening that helped her resolve tremendous struggles with fear, food, and fat—while maintaining a 100-pound weight loss. All while summonsing the power of faith and fitness to endure a 15-year conflict after a contentious divorce that ultimately resulted in profound, life-saving forgiveness and harmony.

The spiritual curriculum that she presents in her best selling memoir, God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life, serves as the blueprint for your spiritual transformation, which Elizabeth teaches in her course, Ascend: 8 Steps to an Infinite You. 

These steps—which include meditation, journaling, healthy eating, exercise, yoga, and other lifestyle changes—led Elizabeth into an extraordinary realm of spiritual discovery and connectivity that includes two-way communications with angels, the spirits of ancestors, Ascended Masters including Jesus, power animals, and other divine beings.

Her story exemplifies the power of spiritual transformation that is possible for you. 

Now Elizabeth shares her secrets with you in one-on-one sessions to help you transform in mind, body, and spirit as dramatically as she did.  This eight-week experience enables you to work one-on-one with Elizabeth via live video coaching calls. You will benefit from eight, 55-minute calls via the free, easy-to-use “zoom” app for video conference calls. These live sessions include instructions on three different ways to meditate, as well as guided meditations for you, and discussions about what you would like to achieve on your spiritual journey.

In this life-changing program, you will receive: 

  • Eight, one-on-one private sessions with Elizabeth via live video coaching calls. She will teach you and guide you through three meditation techniques, as well as chakra clearing meditations, and discussions about what you would like to achieve on your spiritual journey.

  • Eight videos, each focusing on Elizabeth’s Ascend: 8 Steps to an Infinite You program

  • A daily journal writing prompt. 

  • Guided meditations.

  • Guidance on how to craft a daily spiritual practice that fits your personality, lifestyle, and goals. 

  • Guidelines on high-vibe eating

  • Guidelines on a high-vibe lifestyle

  • A weekly accountability email

Do you want to stay stuck in your current ways of thinking and living? Or are you ready to Ascend to an Infinite You?

Allow Elizabeth to serve as your guide on a spiritual journey into a divine realms where you can experience more peace, joy, self-love, healing, harmony, and success than ever before. Her Ascend experience will transform you from the inside out, and you will step into a whole new realm of gratitude, peace, and wellness in mind, body and spirit.