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PRE-ORDER Second Anthology featuring International Writers

PRE-ORDER Second Anthology featuring International Writers


Release Date: May 1, 2019

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1.     “The School Therapist” by Sheila Martin

2.     “Shelena, whose hair falls in tight, black curls” by Matt Miller

3.     “The Change” by Deb Jannerson

4.     “Good Boy” by Jamie Fouty

5.     “X” by Melanie Haney

6.     “Love in the Wings” by Rebecca Hope

7.     “Be Kind” by Alexis Cram

8.     “The Perfect Cup of Coffee” by Linda Lenhoff

9.     “Limerence” by Don O. Noel Jr.

10.  “A Town with No Name” by Steve Carr

11.  “Younger” by Alyssa N. Vaughn

12.  “Umbilical Noose” by Enya K. Mayne

13.  “Todd and the Big Easy” by Pilar Aurelio Munoz

14.  “Wild Horses” by Valerie D. West

15.  “My Mother’s Rosary” by Joanne DeMieri Kennedy

16.  “The Rescue” by Steve Carr

17.  “The Waiter” by Claude Clayton Smith

18.  “The Measure of Love” by J. Ray Paradiso

19.  “An Indeterminate Hour” by Joseph Hernandez

20.  “A Private Conversation” by Maureen McGuirk

21.  “Second Chance” by Paulene Turner

22.  “The Mission” by Karen E. Williams

23.  “White Water” by Leslie Muzingo

24.  “Not Really a Cat Person” by Holly Dutton

25.  “Gotta Love Pups” by Joy Shaw

26.  “Missing Cat in Dublin 9” by Kate Huffman

27.  “Dog Park” by Richard Shore

28.  “Dog Park” by Warren Paul Glover

29.  “Love and Loathing at the Dog Park” by Helia Rethmann

30.  “A Murder in the Dog Park” by Jill Yesko

31. “The Gift” by Dianalee Velie

32.  “Blue-Eyed, Brown Aunt” by Babith Marina Justin

33.  “A Clean and Easy Murder” by Michael Colonnese